Why Pasar Malam truck is important in Malaysia?

Mobile business definition or wheeled business has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in the food and beverage (F&B) industries. More F&B companies have diversified into the mobile business model rather than store purchases on the premises hoping for a walk in the buyer.

Mobile catering company means that the business runs from a mobile cart, bicycle, motorcycle, car and hawker van or food truck by serving and selling food on the street to a passer-by. Hawker Van (Lori Pasar Malam) and Food Truck are the key options for the Mobile Food catering business.

Hawker Van can be said to be on sale as the term of Lori Pasar Malam by Malaysian. This happens when we as the Malaysian know that there is a night market everywhere and anytime. Moreover, it is also utilized for keeping the equipment, food preparation and most importantly as the storage of raw materials. Lori Pasar Malam is available in various brands and varies the price and size of the hawker space.

Small pick-up truck with 2 seats is popular to convert to a hawker van due to smaller size and low maintenance costs. The price for lori pass malam is decided by the scale of their brand and hawker space.