History of the Food Truck’s Technological Revolution

Food Truck, Commercial Vehicle Truck Van Lorry

Street food apps, including NYC Food Truck, Toronto Food Trucks and Wandering Hunger, were born shortly just after smartphone. Food truck monitoring was devoted to websites. TV shows were created, like Food Truck Faceoff, and whole festivals were organised to allow customers to engage across all their dreams about food trucks.

In addition to incorporating food truck friendly technology in the hands of the customer, food truck operators have also adopted technology to help them run their company. Technology has become important to the success of current food truckers, from iPad POS technology to mobile payment and reward programmes.

It may well be important to change considering food trucks a trend, from humble origins to a culinary revolution. For well over a century, they've pervaded Western society in different ways. It lets you know what might be next, with such a lengthy past. Although we can't guess precisely what the next evolution of the food truck is going to be, we can't wait to find out.