The Development History of Food Truck

Food Truck, Commercial Vehicle Truck Van Lorry

Since about the late 17th century, the historical background food trucks go back many years, as mobile dining and street food were part of American dining routines, where it may be seen in most of the big cities on the east coast. Food trucks had also taken a front position in the American street food world and are part of a wider food movement.

A short history of the United States' mobile food sector:

1691: New Amsterdam (now known as New York City) starts controlling the sale of food from push carts by street vendors.

1850's-Dining cars begin feeding passengers on cross-country trains.

1866’s- Charles Goodnight invented the Chuck waggon to feed cattlemen and waggon trains travelling through the old West.

1872’s-In a horse-drawn freight carriage, the first cafe is established.

1894’s-Sausage vendors sell their products at major eastern universities (Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and Cornell) just outside of the student apartments, and their vans are known as "dog waggons."

1917’s-The mobile canteens (field kitchens) of the US Army start feeding the soldiers.

1936’s-The Weiner Mobile is the very first mobile hot dog cart rolled out by Oscar Mayer.

1950’s-Ice cream trucks are starting to market their frozen treats.

1960’s-Roach coaches make their existence known to the nation's building sites.

1974’s-Raul Martinez turned an old ice cream truck into the first taco truck in the nation and parked it outside a bar in East Los Angeles.

1980’s-Grease trucks start operating at New Brunswick, NJ's Rutgers University serving "Fat Sandwiches" to university students.

2004’s: The Vendy Awards are produced by the Street Vendor Initiative. A contest that recognises and honours the best street food vendors in NYC.

July 2006’s-In their list of entries including the past of food trucks across the world, Wikipedia adds "food truck".

November 2008-Kogi BBQ entered Los Angeles streets selling infused tacos from Asia.

January 2010-The Mobile Food Vendors Association of Southern California (SoCalMFVA) is established, and became the first organisation to defend the rights of operators of gourmet food trucks.

August2010-The Great Food Truck Race represents the first mobile food industry-focused TV show.

September 2010-The first website to have media recognition of the mobile food industry is Mobile Cuisine (

September 2010-To its small business platform, the US government introduces "Tips for Starting Your Own Street Food Business."