Everything you need to know about our Luton Van Hire

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Classifying your garden or moving house? Then you might be thinking of hiring a van from Luton. But what conditions are there for hiring a van? Our guide is here:

Driving licence and code

To hire and drive a van that weighs under 3.5 tones, you only need a normal Malaysia truck driving licence.

Are you old enough?

For the last 2 years, drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 must hold a complete licence. Must be free of conviction for 21-22 year olds

ONE MINOR CONVICTION (3 POINTS) IN LAST 3 YEARS is permitted for 23-24-year-olds. Drivers aged 25 and over must be in possession of a complete license for 12 months.

Insurance and excess

All Luton vans come with insurance cover as part of the hire package.

Fueled and ready to go

The majority of people employ diesel-fueled vehicles. However, smaller versions such as the Ford Fiesta van can be petrol powered. With us you can first verify availability and specifications.

As regards refueling, apart from ensuring that you refill with the correct form of petrol, runs a similar policy as normal. The van would have a certain amount of fuel registered to be in it upon collection at the beginning of the rental period. With that amount of fuel in it it needs to be returned as well.

If the van is returned without replenishing the gasoline, refill charges per liter, including or except for a refueling service fee. The exact charges will be indicated in your hiring agreement.

Size matters

The Ford Transit Luton Van is the daddy of the rental vans. At 2.1 meters wide, 3.9 meters deep and 2.4 meters high, its load space is entirely three times greater than the normal transit space. The Transit Luton van will be your best option if you're doing a big house move with tones of furniture and other large objects.

Give yourself a lift

It can be a struggle to bring big and heavy objects into and out of a car, such as furniture and home appliances, such as fridges and washing machines. The load bay of the van is typically a considerable distance away from the ground.

The alternative is to lease a van with a tail lift built in. This is a fold-out platform that lowers to the ground and then boosts back to the load board, making loading and unloading large and heavy objects much simpler and safer.

Rolling out

Modern vans are for the most part, easy to drive and remarkably polished and economical. Most of them are just like a typical road vehicle, right down to features such as ABS brakes, stability control systems, airbags for steering wheels and even stereo systems.

Larger vans, however, can be much larger than any vehicle you've driven before and when loading and driving a van with heavy loads, special caution must be taken.