What To Look For When Buying or Renting a Used Box Truck

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A box truck provides an outstanding complement to your fleet if your business requires extra hauling capacity. If you're a smaller company, buying one brand new, however, might be out of your control. Luckily, you have the option of buying or renting a used van. This can be a perfect way, as long as you are prepared, to get what you need. Here are some tips to ensure that instead of an advantage, you will not get trapped with a liability.

  • Do your homework: Often get the truck's comprehensive history that includes its past repairs, upgrades, and reports of incidents. Ask the seller why it's on the market, and get it inspected by a licenced mechanic.

  • Think about your needs: A box truck has more to this than just its storage space. There might be the same footprint in a fridge and a pallet of cushions, but not quite the same weight.

  • Make sure you have a commercial driver's license(CDL): Do not always say it's easier to be larger. The driver would be allowed to have a CDL if the vehicle you select has a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 pounds and more. You could be in for difficulty if you don't have anyone with the credential already on staff. Be mindful that the DOT still needs to inspect larger trucks.

  • Pay attention to your facilities: For much more than your shipments, a used box truck should be a good match. You will have to worry about how well the loading docks as well as other facilities can operate around it. To make loading and unloading as comfortable and simple as possible, make sure to use the correct wheel size, rear door form, and forklift kit.