Benefits of Company Provide Vehicle

Commercial Vehicle Truck Van Lorry

  • Provide specialized vehicles that most employees wouldn’t choose to buy on their own

If your employees are transporting equipment or need to use special vehicles (such as service trucks, vans, or delivery vans), this is an important consideration. The more specific the type of vehicle required, the stronger the reason for providing the employee with company vehicles.

  • Control your corporate image

For some companies, employees’ vehicles play an important role in brand recognition. Attending a meeting in an old, run-down car may make the company look unsuccessful, while rolling in a luxury car may seem too fancy or may make the company dissatisfied with prices and expenses. The only way to have complete control over the brand, model and year of employees driving is to provide them with company vehicles.

  • Include corporate branding on the car

If you want to show your brand on employees' cars, then it is best to choose fleet vehicles. Although you might like your product, your employees are unlikely to be willing to add your company logo to their private car.

  • Full control and oversight

With the fleet of vehicles, you can not only select vehicles, but also manage employee insurance and vehicle maintenance. You can choose any safety feature that you think is important, and you can also install a telematics program to track the vehicle and gain 24/7 insight to know where your vehicle is. With a privately owned car, you can still gain high visibility through the right technology, but fortunately, employees can install equipment in their private cars and check their location anytime, anywhere.