Why is the Luton Van maximum weight limit important?

Weight limitations vary slightly between specific manufacturers and Luton van models, but between 1,000kgs and 1,300kgs the load limit for a 3.5T Luton van falls.

The hire company would be able to tell you the weight restrictions if you hire a Luton van, but it is still a good idea to confirm for yourself. There are reasons why vans have limits on weight, and you don't want to be caught breaking the law.

There are three main reasons why the maximum weight limit on a Luton van is important:


Ensuring that the protection of the vehicle is not compromised by carrying too much is the main reason for weight limits in vans and trucks. The handling and braking capabilities can be affected by heavy loads, and so restrictions are in place to ensure that you and other road users are protected when driving.

Damage Avoidance

Don't be tempted to overload the back of your hire van when the Luton is spacious, as you could do serious damage to the axle and tyres. You will be responsible for the repair costs if you go over the legal weight limit and damage your hire van.


If you overload your van while packing, its efficiency will be affected, and it is unlikely that you will get the most out of the capacity of the van. The two factors most likely to be impacted by overly large loads are speed and fuel consumption.