What are the maximum weight limits for a Luton van?

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Based on models and manufacturers , weight limits can vary between Luton vans, although most load limits tend to fall between 1000kgs and 1300 kgs for a 3.5T Luton Van. The cap is closer to kg for a 7T Luton van. Every make and model, however, will have its own 'gross design weight' and you will find this on the vehicle identification number (VIN) plate of your van.

While loading Luton Van, the significant things you have to bear in mind are:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and Weight of Loads- There could be two load limits involved with certain vans and it is very essential that you know the difference between them. The gross vehicle weight (GVW), which means the weight of the van, load, passengers and fuel, is a significant number to know.

  • Individual limit on axles- Not only do Luton vans have a GVW number, and also an individual axle cap. In order to avoid overloading the front and the rear axle, you must confirm that the van is equally loaded.

  • Passengers- You may carry a passenger with them to aid whether you are moving a lot of items and it will also impact the GVW.