Creation of new opportunities

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1. There are large and lucrative private activities.

At private events ranging from weddings to bar mitzvahs and graduation parties, food trucks line up. They can be very profitable with 100–200 people attending these events. He says that many food-truck operators make 30 percent or more of their profits from events such as these.

2. The operators band together in batches.

Although in Malaysia there are not many food-trucks lots because of the high cost of real estate, these lots appear in other parts. Operators prefer loads of trucks because they don't have to think about fines or the cops.

3. Trucks are becoming kitchens for testing.

Without placing the names or logos on the vehicles, several big marketers test new items from food trucks. For instance, food trucks have been used by Olive Garden and Outback Steakhouse to test new items.

4. The menus are getting better and healthier.

It wasn't that many years ago when the most common food-truck products were deep-fried Snickers or Oreos. In future days, mobile trucks might offer healthier options, for example, sandwiches and giant tacos or burritos are being served by fewer food trucks.

5. The trend is becoming of super-fast menu offerings.

Instead of cooking on food vans, the "assembly" of meals is gradually taking place. For instance, selling a product that is already made but mostly kept hot on the truck. Because some food like deep-fried chicken products that usually take a long time to produce.