How to Start a Box Truck Business?

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Box trucks are used by tenants from one place to another to shift boxes, furniture and bulky appliances. A box truck's cube storage room is suitable for neatly stacking and organising packages for secure hauling. Rental companies such as Ryder, Enterprise, U-Haul and Mayflower are the biggest names in the box truck market, renting their trucks to individuals and businesses. Before starting your company, you must understand the complexities of the box trucking industry, including pricing, insurance coverage and maintenance.

Refine the company strategy of your box truck company with thorough study of rival firms and budget estimates. In comparison to industry, devote an entire portion of your strategy to the pricing, vehicle range and moving goods provided by competitors. To build a one-year balance sheet, measure your start-up costs for cars, liability insurance and ads as well as available funding.

To start your box truck company on a sound financial basis, apply for a commercial loan from a local bank. Approach the loan officer to smooth the loan application process with a business plan, an ideal loan sum and personal financial details. Seek investment from local companies after your loan application is processed to cover the gap between the loan and your initial expenses.

To protect your fleet of box trucks, seek truck and general liability protection from Western Truck Insurance Services Inc. If the box trucks are involved in incidents during rental, truck liability insurance is coverage for medical and legal expenses. For box truck companies, general liability insurance is important because it protects the company from financial loss due to negligence of the renter.

Negotiate monthly fees from truck sellers such as Jukonski Truck Sales for a fleet of box trucks. To keep the overhead costs down, combine lightly-used and new box trucks. To invest your money in the best trucks possible, check used vehicles for current mileage, engine performance and cockpit status.

Before opening up your shop, fill your box truck office with tape rolls, furniture mats, hand trucks and other moving supplies. To assist customers to make informed choices, place these items on wall displays with a price list visible on each wall. Buy your moving supplies from wholesalers such as the United States Box Company To gain a small profit, add a modest markup.

Before renting your first vehicle, promote your box truck company using truck wraps and targeted ads. To notify prospective customers, each truck wrap should feature regular rental rates, your office location and available truck sizes. To optimise the effect of your initial marketing blitz, post ads on college campuses, apartment buildings and condos.