Benefits of Mobile Cafe

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Food Truck (Mobile Cafe)

  • Food Trucks Require Low Initial Investment

- A food truck is considered to be a high-profit food business idea, mainly because it involves a much lower investment as against a sit-down restaurant. This alone is a competitive advantage of running a food truck instead of a regular restaurant as the money you save in setting up can be used for other operations like marketing or menu engineering.

  • Food Truck Involves Relatively Low Operation Cost

-Owning a restaurant requires you to invest in expensive utilities, hire a wide range of staff including cooks, cashiers, servers, kitchen managers, cleaners, etc., and pay property tax if you are the owner of your real estate or monthly rentals if the property is on rent. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to keep your operations cost, especially the hidden costs are many be bleeding your restaurant dry.

  • Food Trucks Attract More Customers

-With better quality food (as compared to the street vendors) at a marginally lesser price, Food Trucks have become the latest fad among the consumers as well.

-Inexpensive: Since the food costs are low, you can please your customers with budget-friendly meals.

-Health and Hygiene: Food trucks are a safer and healthier alternative to street food. Food from street vendors is generally considered unsafe for consumption. With growing health consciousness, more and more people are switching to alternatives like small restaurants and food trucks.

  • Food Trucks Allow You to Build (Or Expand) A Brand

-With a mobile food van, you can build your brand at a smaller level before expanding into something more significant, such as a sit-down restaurant or possibly franchising your trucks. The confusion of a few restauranteurs between going for a food truck or a regular restaurant could be solved by using a good example of both the restaurant formats. A good example would be Ramji Chaiwale, a Bangalore based startup that started with a single food truck and now has six stores in the city and is expanding to 20. Know the success story of Ramji Chaiwale here.

-A food truck allows you to have better control and more flexibility. This is seemingly the best avenue for first-time entrepreneurs since they can research, and experiment with their model before they venture into establishing a sit-down restaurant with high investments and risks. After gaining comprehensive knowledge, you can then dive into a conclusion about what would work best for your sit-down restaurant. This knowledge will help you in your business expansion.