What causes Hawker Van to become more and more common?

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The mobile service definition has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly for the food and beverage (F&B) industry. Instead of retailing while waiting for customers to arrive, more catering companies have expanded into mobile business models. The mobile catering company means selling food on the street to passersby and selling it to pedestrians, so that shopping carts, bicycles, bikes, cars, and hawker trucks or food trucks are relocated from the business. For mobile food catering businesses, Lori Pasar Malam has become the key alternative.

Hawker Van is recognized by Malaysians as Lori Pasar Malam. Lori Pasar Malam requires the operator to stand beside the truck, while the truck room is used for cooking equipment positioning, preparing food and raw material storage. Lori Pasar Malam is available in various brands and the hawker room's cost and size differ. Due to smaller sizes and low maintenance costs, small pickup trucks with 2 seats are popular for transforming it into hawker van. The cost of lori pasar malam is decided by the room size of their brand and hawker.