History of Luton Van

Luton Van, Commercial Vehicle Truck Van Lorry

The Luton van was initially a product of a producer of British vehicles known as Bedford Vehicles. The company was based in Bedfordshire County, and hence the name Bedford Vehicles. The producer of this British vehicle main areas of focus commercial vehicles such as buses, lorries, vans and even ambulances. The company launched a truck in the early 1930s that was called the Bedford 2-ton lorry. Such as, it is known to be the first Luton van in the world. Bedford Vehicles manufactured a few more models similar to their 2-ton lorry in the years afterwards. They were all differentiated by their box-shaped bodies.

The concept behind this unconventional design approach was that straw transport would be suitable for a vehicle with such a loading compartment. The company choose to use straw because straw hat industry in Bedfordshire was doing so well back in those days that lorries specially built for the transit of straw were required. This is why the Luton van was ideal for transporting light but high-volume loads.

The name Luton van was used by local straw hat manufacturers as a trademark for this vehicle. It's supported by the fact that in the town of Luton, Bedfordshire, the plant where it was first made was based.

The Luton van of today

Until today, the Luton van remains to be fully used. It is no just a pencil lorry, however. It also enjoys an outstanding popularity among companies for professional removal. The classic van appears to have a boxy body in the most simple conditions.