History of Box Van

Box Van, Commercial Vehicle Truck Van Lorry

A motor vehicle designed to carry goods is a truck or lorry. In British English, box van is a concept with a purpose built body for a four-wheeled covered goods waggon (freight vehicle). The word truck refers to big open-top freight vehicles or rail freight waggons in British English. A lorry is a road vehicle for HGVs. For an enclosed rail freight carriage or medium or smaller commercial road vehicles, a van is used.

Recent decades, Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet/GMC have become the most famous producers of traditional cab/chassis to which the cargo box is mounted by different manufacturers (called body builders or upfitters). The most famous producers of cab over-type medium duty cab/chassis used as box truck platforms have been Isuzu Motors, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. and UD Trucks.

At the beginning of the 1900s, as moving and storage businesses developed the enclosed moving truck, this concept of providing greater space to carry household goods and transfer them through vehicles evolved. Such trucks were innovative in that they offered security previously unavailable for movers' household goods. During colder weather, this was particularly beneficial.

Only after the Second World War, 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines started to be used for moving trucks so that they could accommodate more per movement. Movers depend on cardboard boxes to pack their things and would simply put their household products inside whatever containers were available when they ran out. Tractor trailers have been used in some areas to transport large sets of household things.

The moving company faces strong competition in the early 2000s that forced semi-trucks to come up with revolutionary transportation designs that enabled big cargo container attachments. It was also about the time when people would temporarily store their household goods when making the transition to a newly leased or bought home.

Nowadays, with new factors that make long distance travel timeless, modern moving truck such as Box Van is designed for moving and moving alone.